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Chirurgia Orale

F Inchingolo, A Ballini, SA Mura, D Farronato, N Cirulli, F Pettini, E Gheno, D Vermesan, P Pederzoli, G Resta, M Caprio, F Muollo, G Marinelli, AD Inchingolo, G Malcangi, S Cantore, M Del Corso, M De Benedittis, AM Inchingolo, M Serafini, S Diteodoro, F Schinco, R Cagiano, D De Vito, R Cortelazzi and G Dipana Use of platelet rich fibrin and Bio-OSS/SINT-Oss for implant-prosthetic rehabilitation in maxillary atrophy with sinus pathology: A 48-month follow-up.  European Journal of Inflammation 2015, Vol. 13(1) 58–65.

Gilberto Sammartino, Marco Del Corso, Lidia M. Wisniewska, Tomasz Bielecki, Isabel Andia, Nelson R. Pinto, Chang-Qing Zhang, De-Rong Zou, and David M. Dohan Ehrenfest. The PACT (Platelet & Advanced Cell Therapies) Forum: fostering translational research, transdisciplinarity and international collaboration in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. POSEIDO. 2014;2(2):105-15.


Roland Toeroek, Ziv Mazor, Marco Del Corso, and David M. Dohan Ehrenfest. The concept of Screw-Guided Bone Regeneration (S-GBR). Part 1: from sinus-lift to general applications in the resorbed maxilla and mandible. POSEIDO. 2013;1(2):69-84.


Choukroun J, Simonpieri A, Del Corso M, Mazor Z, Sammartino G, Dohan Ehrenfest DM. Controlling systematic perioperative anaerobic contamination during sinus-lift procedures by using metronidazole: an innovative approach. Implant Dent. 2008 Sep;17(3):257-70.



Studio Dott. Del Corso

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